We always find ourselves with that one nerdy friend that we love and adore. From time to time, we may require to surprise them with gifts or a present. Getting the perfect gift for a nerdy or geek friend can be so fun and simple. Geeks are usually scientific and odd items. This is because they love very crazy, simple things that are easily available. You can get some more ideas at Of course, you can pick also something more elegant like a gold rose for the ladies or a golf set for the gentlemen.

Some of the best gifts that can be most suitable for a nerdy geek friend include:

bitglasses-28-Bit Sunglasses

Sunglasses are very handy as they become useful during the summer season by offering protection against the harsh scorching sun. They also add sass and fashion to one’s outfit. For the nerdy friend, the 8-bit type may just be the perfect one. They have a design that resemble the ones worn by Mario Bros characters. They are also very affordable.

Geek Socks

This gift is among the best that you can offer to your friend. They help them express how good they feel about themselves. They also do come in a variety of colors so that you chose the best for your friend. They are also available for both men and women.

Geeky-stocking-stuffers-Dr-Spock-socksLego Moleskine Notebooks

The notebooks have a very sleek unique and appealing design. They also come at a variety of colors such as blue, green, yellow and black. They come at two unique designs, the lined and unlined in both the big and small sizes. It has an appealing look and will be the best place for your friend to write their hobbies and passion.

Mirror Universe Led Digital Watch

Watches are often one of the most ideal gifts for everybody. However, this watch is different from the rest. It is made with the latest technology that makes it so elegant and sassy. It is therefore capable of offering many application services.

These above are some of the best gift ideas for your geek friend that will make them even love you more for them. Most of them are affordable and are very durable.