Our first “real” podcast, this time around we got things a lot closer to the way they both should and will be as we continue forward. In this show Kurt and I debate the OASIS Open Document format, Microsoft’s Open XML Format, and the significance all of this will have both in the here and now as well as in the future. The entire debate last about sixteen(16) minutes with another four(4) minutes of music and fun for a total of twenty(20) minutes in combined length.
We still have some mic balancing to debug, but overall this time around is 1000 times better than the last. This time around we got Kurts mic pretty much spot on but mine needs a bit more tweaking (you may want to turn the volume down a tiny bit lower than you normally might listen to a podcast. It can be a bit harsh on the ears as I’m noticing right now listening to the final MP3 output.) We’re getting closer though, and this time is certainly better than last.

We actually recorded two hours of content last night which should equate to about one hour and fifteen minutes of total content. We covered five(5) total topics of which in listening to Micah’s advice (and agreeing with his point that each segment needs to be between 15 and 20 mins in total length) we plan to publish one at a time as time allows to edit each segment. As mentioned above this segment covers the OASIS Open Document and MS Open XML office document formats.

Plenty of fun was had with this one. It can be enjoyed in mp3 and as soon as I have a chance to make the conversion, wma formats (I’ll add the wma link to this post when its ready to go.) You can point your podcatcher at the RSS 2.0 and, as soon as I have a chance to create it, Atom data feeds such that you can automatically snag each podcast as it becomes available.