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Hello everyone,

For my first post here, I will give my feelings about the pilot podcast made by M. David and Kurt a few days ago.
businessman-First, I think this is a brilliant idea for a few reasons such as:

  • Bringing a great alternative to visually impaired people
  • Giving a chance to reduce more and more the gap between developers all around the planet. Voice carries a lot of information that you wouldn’t get through a written blog.
  • Being less annoying than just reading a long article about the same subject because it allows side notes on the spot and greater interactivity between the participants
  • Increase interactivity. While listening to the podcast, I found myself looking for resources suggested by Kurt.
  • Overall it brings a new dimension to technical discussions in a given field.

Now, regarding this particular podcast. M. David and Kurt discuss extensively (the podcast lasts 70 minutes or so) about the web industry and more specifically about the browser market. Considering Kurt’s position on the development of Netscape (Kurt is part of the Mercurial team which worked on Netscape 8), I couldn’t doubt about his extensive and wise knowledge of the field. What is more important, Kurt tries to step back and doesn’t sell his own baby. In fact he talks a lot of Opera and their great work on Opera 9. M. David is very nice leader of the podcast as he gives plenty of time to Kurt to set his views while being able to bounce back with the right questions at the right time, which is not surprising considering the great work M. David has pulled out in the past (e.g.: Saxon.NET, LLUP). I would strongly advise anyone to listen carefully at the podcast for a good historical overview of where the browser market stands right now and where it is likely to go in the coming few years.

Regarding the format, the podcast might be a bit long. Not long as in “boring-as-hell-maaate” but as in “so much content it’s hard to be able to focus on a few points to comment”. I discussed that issue with M. David and they plan to offer the podcast splitted into smaller pieces so that it is easier to refer to them. We also talked about a way to let people specify a range of the podcast themselves for reference. I also think the sound might need to be a little better but M. David said he would work on that for the next podcast.

I really believe this adds an outstanding value to the Web and I am really loooking forward the next podcast.

Enjoy it.


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